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What happens when humans bombard the planet into an entirely different state of being? Do we own up to our participation in the destruction or do we go on with our lives under the new circumstances, adapting to our changed environment? What is the defining factor of our response: powerlessness, guilt, shame?

Germany Year Zero (1948)

We only have to go back as far as World War II for some answers. It marked a turning point in human history when our ability to destroy each other became absolute. In a matter of hours, we could undo billions of years of biological life striving to adapt to an ideal planetary environment. The stage was set; we were just waiting for the play to begin. Read the rest of this entry »

Murderers Among Us (1946)

We’ve all had the feeling that it’s coming and for good reason. We’ve been primed for a long time to feel, for whatever reasons, that everything will be or needs to be destroyed. Destruction is the primary method of renewal, of cleansing, of starting over. And it makes for great entertainment. Read the rest of this entry »